The frustration with the lies of the French Cameroun colonial authorities is reaching boiling points in British Cameroon. From deliberate silence, lies and blaming innocent victims after killing them, the world has watched and at times re-echo the fabrications of crime scenes by French Cameroun colonial authorities. This is and was pellucid in Kwakwa, Pinyin, Mamfe, to lies about baby Martha in Muyuka, Tiben roasting of a baby to Kumba massacres. Despite being caught in some of the lies like in Ngarbuh, the world continues to allow the genocide to persist.


Unable to fathom the lies about their children, brothers, sisters etc, the population of the occupied territory of British Southern Cameroons is passing on a message that the these falsifications will no longer be tolerated. With protest marches in Kumba, Bamenda and yesterday 4th of July, 2021 in Nkwen, Bamenda, following the killing of an innocent civilian by name Dubila Njibril by the colonial Bulubeti soldiers of French Cameroun, an uprising is imminent. Mr. Djibril was mining his own business in the same neighbourhood where he lives – Lower Foncha, when the colonial soldiers sent a well aimed bullet through the windshield of his car and got him on his chest. A law-abiding man, Muslim and non-smoker and known by some of the French Cameroun colonial military at the extortionist check point in the area. As usual to frame him up as the aggressor, a Dane gun and marijuana was placed in the car. This deliberate act to frame an innocent man after cutting his life short riled up an incensed population who paraded the corpse around the vicinity. Their message was unequivocal, “How many people Paul Biya go Kill.” A message directed to French Cameroun’s mummified octogenarian Paul Biya who launched the extermination of British Cameroonians in 2017. The people have seen enough of theirs killed for being English-speaking Cameroonians. The vexed population also torched the extortionist check point in the area. Till date about 24000 have been killed with more than 500 villages burnt by thee French Cameroun colonial military.

Below is the video of the tampered crime scene as narrated by peoples’ journalist.

Video of French Cameroun Soldier’s falsification of the Crime Scene to portray the executed man as the architect of his own death

Similar Falsified Images of Innocent British Cameroonians Killed

Mr. Djibril being displayed in Bamenda 4 July, 2021

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