Africans in America who were enthusiastic about Biden’s ability to end the genocide in English Cameroon are increasingly losing hope. With Biden’s resume as former Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and with a video of his fiery opposition to Apartheid widely shared in African forums, many believed Biden will be swift in ending the neocolonial wars plaguing the continent. Six months on, Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Africa has refused to say anything about the daily killings and destruction in Anglophone Cameroon despite daily evidence on their social media handles etc. The predecessor Tibor Nagy was unrelenting in calling for action to end the civil war. Five months into the killings, the bare mention of the conflict by the Biden administration was last month when his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, promised to sanction those impeding the resolution of the conflict. So far, the regime of Paul Biya continues to act with impunity – killing, maiming, jailing and erasing villages in English Cameroon(Ambazonia). The English-speaking people like in South Africa are being “Excoriated”, but the once fiery Biden, now in position of power is mute.

sThe Swiss process earlier echoed by his predecessor (Trump Administration and allies) has received no attention neither is any American initiative to end one of the continent’s dirtiest wars. The killings have continued unperturbed thanks to deliberate falsification of historical facts by French Cameroun, France and the UN. The war in English Cameroon is the easiest conflict to resolve in the world if history and truths are guiding values of the global system headed by the US. History holds it that British and French Cameroons came together in 1961 as two independent entities to form a union of two equals. The silence by the West headed by the US since 2oth January 2021, has not stopped the killings. For the past six months, at least 800 innocent British Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) have been killed. Several villages have equally been burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers who are now called colonial or occupying soldiers. Below is the monthly tallies since January 2021, when President Biden took office.

AT LEAST 138 KILLED IN January 2021 Killings


The shooting was indiscriminate; women, children and men. Shattered bodies, punctured faces from the French-supplied bullets. After tying the hands of others and shooting in the nearby bushes, the arrogant soldiers were non-repentant. “A soldier told us to go check in the bushes nearby for more bodies.” a survivor tells reporters. “He was a good Satan.” she intimated. The French Cameroun soldiers backed by France invaded the farming community of Mautu, near Buea-Limbe in British Cameroon where CAF in the days ahead has scheduled her African Nations Football Championship (CHAN), from January 16 to February 7, 2021. The French Cameroun soldiers invaded Mautu, Southern part of the occupied territory of British Southern Cameroon on Sunday afternoon 10 January, 2020, shooting indiscriminately. “We have counted six bodies now,” a sympathizer narrates. At the end nine were killed with others wounded. (Click here for details with pictures and videos).

MAUMU 21st January, 2021: The wailing by the villagers sum up the pain of the family of one of the innocent farmers who received more than 15 bullets from the French Cameroun young recruits on 21 January, 2021. This was not the first time that the said appointed French Cameroun Colonial Governor – Okalia Bilai is sending the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias into the farming village of Maumu. The last time, the same soldiers were on a killing and burning spree in the village (Click here for videos of the burning).

Metta Quarters and Ntamulung Execution of 10 Teens: Neighbours at the Metta Quarter, Bamenda where the killing started 23 January, 2021), reveal hearing the kids pleading that they were not Ambazonian forces, but the French Cameroun military wasted no time in sniffing life out of them. Others say the young boys were at an abandoned building smoking cigarettes as they were too young to smoke in front of their elders (Click here for more details, videos and images)


Killings to Welcome Pope’s Emissary – Cardinal Pietro Parolin : At the Catholic heartland of Kumbo, three innocent civilians were pulled out of their homes and executed by the Biya colonial armies at the village of Ntse on 31 January, 2021. While a cross section of the prelates were singing God’s praises as the embodiment of peace in Bamenda, other priests in Ntse Kumbo were praying for the repose of the souls of the Catholic Christians pulled out of their homes and murdered by French Cameroun soldiers. (Click here for details, images and videos)

Images and Videos of the January Killings below.

At Least 103 Killed in February 2021 Killings:

The month began with more horror news, like in Momo County where the French Cameroun Soldiers roasted alive a baby in the village of Tiben. The image of the father Mr. Ndi with the charred body of the baby was excruciating. The military had invaded the village on 11 February, 2021.(Click here for Details, images and videos here) .

THREE KINGS KILLED BY FRENCH CAMEROUN SOLDIERS IN LEBIALEM: In Lebialem in a bid to turn the population against the Ambazonia Restoration Forces in the area, three local chiefs(Kings) were executed by the French Cameroun Soldiers. Eye witness say the French Cameroun military invaded the farming village of Essoh Atah, Lebialem County in anglophone Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia) on 13-14 February, 2021. Alongside with informants (alleged to be ex-fighters of Ambazonian forces in the area) assembled the villagers, claiming to be there for their good. The lead informant in the name of Njinjuh Christopher then singled out three local kings said to be loyal to one of the Ambazonian Freedom fighters in the area. The French Cameroun military then publicly-executed the three kings alongside five other civilians. (Click here for details, images and videos).

Baby roasted alive by French Cameroun Soldiers in Tiben, British Cameroon

Another gruesome episode in February 2021 was the torture of an innocent civilian by the French Cameroun soldiers In the two videos, one below (which is just a tip of the daily abuses), the innocent victims are waterboarded, tortured and killed. The killers are heard saying that their brother is part of the anglophone self-defense forces in the territory. The gruesome incident was recorded in the village of Ndu, on the 12 February, 2021. Some of The soldiers are trained by the US. (for details of the HORROR OF US MILITAY AID: WATERBOARDED, TORTURED AND KILLED ON CAMERA AS BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TURNS A BLIND EYE, click here)

Innocent Civilian waterboarded, tortured on camera by French Cameroun soldiers

MARCH 2021 saw at least 140 Killed:

Tired of the killings and burning, French Cameroun occupyiny soldiers imported mercenaries from Nigeria to complement their Atrocity Crimes. In the village of Ntong, in Donga Mantung County of the territory, the killings were brutal with the knife-wielding Fulanis from Nigeria hacking to death a former retired administrator – Mr. Manasis Nchenkwi. He was executed alongside a woman. By the 9 of March, 2021, report say more than 15 villages had been destroyed and emptied of its content of both humans and properties. Some of the victims escaped to Nigeria, scared of more French Cameroun soldiers who aided in the Fulani cleansing (click here for details, images and videos).

Mercenary Destruction

March 18, 2021, in Foe Bakundu: Several civilians were murdered by the French Cameroun militias/soldiers. The soldiers assembled the civilians after killing some men whom they called Ambazonia forces. In the ensuing killings, an Amba general called Spirito was also executed. Many other civilians are still to be accounted for. It is widely believed they were killed and dumped in rivers by the French Cameroun soldiers. (See images of the February Killings below)

More than 135 Killed in April 2021: The indiscriminate killings Amplified.

At the neighbourhood of Mile 90 in Bamenda in the night of 18 April, 2021, the colonial governor of the Northern part of the territory, Mr. Lele Afrique ordered the massacre of at least 9 innocent civilians at a bar. The images were gory. Mourners could be seen describing one of the killed as a local wood cutter who earns his living supplying firewood to the locals. He had come to quench his thirst after a laborious day (Video below). In Mbengwi, a local fish monger popularly called Auntie Ngum was shot in Mbom Park in Mbengwi on 4 April 2021. Other killings were witnessed in

More than 141 Killed in May 2021:

KILL AND DUMP: The wife of Eric Fodiy in Wainamah, in Nso area, northern portion of the territory collapsed after the corpse of her husband was discovered days after in the bush. Cameroon News Agency reports that French Cameroun Bulubeti militias/soldiers kidnapped three men in Jakiri town, Jakiri Sub Division on Tuesday 27 May, 2021, and took them to an unknown destination. Two of the men whose bodies were later discovered are Eric Fodiy and Blasius Tardzenyuy. The three men were in their 40s or above.

Bushfaller incinerated: Samuel, also known as Bush faller is a popular motorbike rider killed and burned alongside his motor bike by government forces in Oshie village in Njikwa Local Government Area in the Norther Zone of the territory. They accused him of transporting an Ambazonian soldier as a passenger. The peace loving “bushfaller” was loved by all who knew him. These are crimes committed with no remorse and run afoul international laws against the killing of non-combatants in war.

The killings for the month of May 2021, can be summed up thus, “ANOTHER DEADLY MONTH OF LYNCHING, INDISCRIMNATE MURDERS AND DESTRUCTION BY FRENCH CAMEROUN SOLDIERS IN ANGLOPHONE CAMEROON. ABOUT 141 KILLED IN MAY 2021. One of such massacres was at the village of Ekuru in Donga and Mantung County of the territory .

EKURU VILLAGE MASSACRE: French Cmeroun colonial forces killed at least 8 civilians in Ekuru village, Ako Sub Division in the North West part of British Cameroons (Ambazonia). Villagers say the forces arrived early Monday May 31, tied up young men and shot them at close range. Most of the victims were dragged from their beds without clothes and shoes. The colonial forces were reacting to an attack on two forces between the localities of Ako and Nkambe Subdivisions. Ekuru is neighboring village to Amba but the Fon that controls these villages lives in Akwaja. For details of the month’s killings, click here.

More than 150 Killed in June 2021

The month opened with more killings by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias/soldiers. At the village of Bafanji, at least 5 farmers were executed on 5 June, 2021. The farmers were honing their farming skills, when the soldiers stormed the training meeting and killed all of them. Click here for details here

Mama Nwang Lydia, was like every other woman; she gave birth to children, but wouldn’t control them once they come of age. Sadly, her life is worth nothing from the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias. Accused of collaborating with Ambazonia fighters because her adult daughter is married to an Ambazonia fighter in Nwa Local government, northern part of the territory, Ma Nwang Lydia, 60, was shot dead by government forces on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. (Read details here)

The killing of innocent civilians was rampant across the territory. In the village of Mforya in Bafut Local Government area, two brothers were minding their own affairs when the French Cameroun military invaded the village and shot them on 20 June, 2021. The two – Joe Akuma and Ndonwi Neba, the villagers describe as peace-loving people, who will never hurt a flea. They were and had never been violent, talk less of being members of the Ambazonia Self-Defense forces.


in addition to the killings, homes were torched, crops in farms and other sources of economic sustainability were destroyed. Below is the destruction of a palm oil mill in Ndian County by the colonial French Cameroun soldiers. The already milled palm oil in containers were punctured, crating a river of the oil. The soldiers were acting in complicity with the appointed Divisional officer of the area. This is the birth place of the anglophone Prime Minister, Mr. Dion Ngute, appointed by the colonial French Cameroun government. Such destruction under no circumstance can happen without his authorization as well.

Palm Oil Mills Destroyed in Ndian by French Cameroun Colonial authorities




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