Below is one of the victims killed by Government forces in Fir-kov Meluf, Kumbo, North West region on Wednesday August 4, 2021. The death toll has risen to 13 civilians murdered after government forces fired indiscriminately following an IED attack on their convoy that killed two of their colleagues. Five of those killed were carpenters returning from roofing a house at Meluf. The house had been burned by the same government forces weeks Earlier.

FAMILIES SIGN DOCUMENT NOT TO RELEASE PICTURES ON SOCIAL MEDIA: What is happening in Meluf is a scandal that needs attention of human rights organizations. After realizing that they killed civilians, the government forces hurriedly took the first seven bodies and dumped at the Shisong Hospital Mortuary. On Thursday August 5, 2021, they asked every family to sign an undertaking that they will not circulate videos and pictures on social media. You sign before retrieving the corpse of your relative. Some of them have been buried. “Yes, its 13 with one person wounded. So for now many were buried, but military refused videos and images for fear of social media. They asked the victims families to sign a document before removal from Shisong Cardiac Centre Mortuary, ” CNA source who has been following up the incident said early Friday.

CORPSES RETRIEVED FROM MAIZE FARMS It is will soon be the season for maize, hence every corner of the village is covered with farms. Some of these deceased victims like the girl in the picture were found in the farms. The death toll rose from 7 on Wednesday to 13 on Thursday, 5th August, 2021. (story initially published by Cameron News agency).

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