From Muyuka where the script was re-enacted on 24 October, 2020 in Kumba to Ngarbuh, Small Babanki, Mautu, Lysoka, etc, they have shown that you have no interest in the lives of your own people. Remember it was in 1953, that a few standard six politicians walked out of the Eastern House of Assembly in Enugu in Nigeria, without a shot or a life lost, paving the way for you to have such window-dressing role for French Cameroun. If Niat Njifenji were to be mummified like Biya, it is Cavaye Yegue who will still order the guns against your people. For now since, they can only send a slave to catch a slave, you are riding on a powerless role. As soon as the rebelled slaves are muzzled, your worth will be restored. This reminds you and us of your quisling role -use and dump. Even the French Cameroun soldiers are laughing at you anglophones in Yaounde for being “anglofools”, dogs etc, who allow their people to be massacred daily for French interest? These so-called politicians dancing with effigies of a late man, who are they representing? Ngalla Gerard will surround himself with the same killers who massacred women and children, erased villages in the name of late Biya. I call him late because, he DIED months back. If you think he is alive, show him bragging about his immortality as he did in 2004. Show him on zoom calls like other leaders do. Mbella Moki Charles, will extend sympathy to George Floyd millions of Kilometers away, when the corpses of 4 innocent youths executed by French Cameroun soldiers are still oozing out fresh blood meters away from his home and constituency.

Mbella Moki Sympathizes with George Floyd, instead of his own Executed closest to him


The Anglophone “man-of-god” will pay 2 million Francs ($4000) ransom to disguised French Cameroun soldiers who kidnapped other’s children under him, without telling their parents. He had no time for them, while hurrying to go kiss the feet of King Biya at his enthronement (inauguration) in Yaounde in 2018. A renowned Cardinal Tumi, will boldly tell the world that he lied in a survey to anglophones about the solution to the genocide on them. “I deliberately left out the question on independence” the supposed truthteller quips. As a child and old man of the Bible, wasn’t he to tell the truth to the people by not hiding what he knew they loved? The fear of Biya and French Cameroun to them is the beginning of wisdom cookies. His blood envelop(money), no doubt was thicker than the blood that flows on their streets and rivers. What a disgrace to humanity. Tired of the killings of anglophones, a French Cameroun priests dreads the odds to march to call for attention to the killings. The Anglophone priests who have buried right down to fetuses’, seen their customer’s (parishioner’s) homes and livelihoods destroyed are busy raising money from the same poor victims, some for their cars. What a shame!


The killings in Kumba should be the least action for a true representative to quit the killer’s cookie boxes for good, but Not You. Some will rush to the gullible press and attribute it to the oppressed. What in the world happened to you British/Anglo-Saxon people? How much can you eat alone? Why should the lives of the poor citizens of this territory be so cheap? On the 22nd of September, 2020 when some sane minds in French Cameroun came out on the streets, nobody was shot at. In short the same killer boys in British Cameroon, were disarmed to scout levels for them. Yes, they came out to welcome them with batons. Your people in British Cameroon locked their doors at home, but were executed by the French Cameroun soldiers. When is enough enough? when are YOU going to walk out like the DIGNIFIED illiterates did in 1953?

The people you are supposed to represent have spoken loud and clear that the union forged in 1961 has failed. Why don’t you listen to them? How do you kill them to submission? In the worst anglo-saxon dictatorship in the world, if the people dread all the odds to come out like British Cameroonians did in 2017, that dictator will accept and make a statement like “I heard you”. He does not fuel the elites’ cars, buy ammunition for his soldiers and ask the elites to lead a massacre of those his people.

Late John Garang was sent by Khartoum to quell a rebellion against his own people, he arrived back in Khartoum, years later but for peace talks on the status of South Sudan. He was a true African who knew that, you can’t win a war against your own people. From Elokobi, Atanga Nji, Aghaa Robinson etc. They have happily led the annihilation of their own in the guise of amassing more ice cream, which will melt once the sun shines (the conflict is over). Do you all Anglophone “elites” sleep? How can you sleep when bodies of children float in rivers in your towns and villages. Aren’t those children like yours?


Think of the pain of that mother losing a child, and not ever having closure? Every time he hears a foot step, she will hope it was the child missing since the French Cameroun officers picked him up. How do you feel, if the 23-year-old lady raped by French Cameroun soldiers in Bamenda was your child? Think of the pain of the family, having to be in the room, and listening to the cries of the mother of two being raped. Think of the 17-year-old breastfeeding mother raped at the roadside in Bamenda by the same soldiers that you deploy to suppress the demand for change. Think of the 63-year-old mother gang-raped in Bafut. Our ancestors never endured such humiliation from Nigeria. Enough! Who are you claiming to represent? More than 23,000 have been killed, yet you claim silence and still holding tight your cookies from the colonizer’s largess. Sadly, you still go to the church to pray. What a mockery to God and though shall not kill etc. The genocide has reached a stage where parents have given their lives to death, than be ruled by your slave masters. For many, the slave master you adore, and who does not even respect you can’t and will not be their master. For once, search your souls. It is never too late to do the right thing as long as a soul is saved from your master’s bullet. BENEVOLENCE NEUTRLITY NOW.

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